Online Pour Over Will for Married Couple With or Without Children

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    This pour over will form is for a married couple, with or without children. You and your spouse will share one joint revocable living trust, but each of you will execute separate but almost identical pour-over wills.

    This type of form is used with a revocable living trust (RLT). With an RLT, each spouse still needs a will, to appoint an executor, to appoint a guardian for any minor children, and to pour over to your RLT any assets that were not previously transferred into the RLT during your lifetime.

    For example, you may forget to transfer some assets, or you may acquire additional assets after signing your RLT. If you already have an old will, it is strongly recommended that you destroy all copies of it and execute the new pour-over will included.

    The failure to do so may result in later confusion, inconsistency, and less funding of your trust than may otherwise have occurred.

    Before starting this form, make sure you already have your living trust completed. You can do this by Clicking Here