Free Will Forms

Hand writing on a will formDo it yourself attorney drafted free will forms include last will and testament, pour over will, living will, and living trust forms you can download immediately.

Along with the downloadable online free will forms, we will give you attorney drafted step-by-step instructions on how to make your own will.

In addition, we will also give you a sample will form completely filled out to make your task of completing the forms easy to do. Valid for all states.

Make a Will Online

Not interested in downloads or filling out with a pen? We also offer a free online will maker where you can complete everything online. It is simple to use with easy to follow instructions.

You can download all your free will forms immediately, or make a will online, 24 hours a day. It is simple, safe and secure.

What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

Dying without a will (dying intestate) could subject your entire estate and the future care of any minor children to be determined by the court. Dying without a will can and usually does open your entire estate up to dispute by relatives you have. It is possible that real estate, personal property, and bank accounts could be distributed by the court to relatives you may not have wanted to give anything at all. All these problems can easily be prevented by having a valid will.

What can you accomplish with our wills?

  1. Leave your personal or business assets to whomever you wish
  2. Choose who will be the guardian of any minor children
  3. Set up a trust fund for your children
  4. Leave money or property to your favorite charity
  5. If desired, you can disinherit a son or daughter


Our free wills were drafted by a licensed practicing attorney and will cover most situations and were designed for the following people:

  1. Married with children
  2. Married without children
  3. Single with children
  4. Single without children

The last will and testament form for a married person is with at least one biological or adopted child. It is written with the assumption that you will leave the bulk of your estate to your spouse, and that you will name your spouse as the executor of your estate. The form also allows you to name alternate beneficiaries and an alternate executor should your spouse predecease you or not survive you by more than sixty days. These alternate beneficiaries may be your child(ren). Each spouse should complete and sign a separate will form. A sample of this will is included for your convenience.

Your Privacy

You can download our printable will forms and fill them out in private or make a will online here on our website for free. Our installed SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate creates an encrypted connection between your website and ours, which keeps all online interactions totally private and secure.

Easy To Use

Our wills have easy to follow step-by-steps instructions from our attorney with a sample will form completely filled out. Professionally drafted will documents for your desired wishes.

Unless you have a complicated estate, most of you will be able to make your last will in less than an hour. If you do have a complex estate or are unsure of what you should do, please consult with an estate planning attorney, it will probably be money well-spent.

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