Online Living Trust for Single Person With or Without Children


  • Beginning Information

    This revocable living trust form is for a single, divorced, or widowed person, with or without children.

    1. Remember, when entering the information it is important to use full names and addresses. Always double check the spelling and accuracy of the information you enter. Otherwise, your successor trustee may not be able to identify your intended beneficiaries.

    2. It is better to type the information necessary to complete your will and trust, because this leaves less room for error, and for misinterpretation of your wishes. Do not cross out mistakes, but rather go back and retype or rewrite the entire will and trust. At the end, there should be only one original of the will. It is acceptable to have more than one original of the trust. You may, for example, wish to retain one, and provide another copy to your successor trustee. Drafts and mistakes should be destroyed.

    3. The acronym RLT in this document means Revocable Living Trust.

    If you need an example trust to look at as you fill yours out, you can download one by Clicking Here